How to add a new card or account from an existing bank connection?

From time to time, you may open a new credit card, or open a new account with a bank that you already have set up a connection for within Budget Feeder.

To refresh the accounts within Budget Feeder so you can sync this new account, please reconnect your bank. There's no need to disconnect it first, simply go through the process to reconnect it, and this will refresh the accounts list.
Once you have done this, your new bank account or card will be available within Budget Feeder. In case of a new account you will also need to create a new account within YNAB. Don't forget to map the bank account or card to the budget account within Budget Feeder. To do this:
  • Visit
  • Click on your budget
  • Click on the YNAB account you want to sync transactions to from the new card or account
  • Select the new account or card from the dropdown list
  • Click Save

Your transactions will sync from your new card or account to your YNAB account during your next scheduled sync run. If you would like to also sync previous transactions, please use a one-off file based import.

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