How can I sync my newly opened bank account?

If you have opened a new account with a bank you have already connected to budget feeder, you can make that account available for syncing within Budget Feeder.
You will need to re-connect to the bank within Budget Feeder:
  • Visit your [Bank Connections page](
  • Click on Connect New Bank.
  • Continue to re-add your bank connection
Once you have re-connected you bank, the new account will be available for you to configure.
  • First, create a new unlinked bank account within your YNAB
  • Next, visit your [Budgets page within Budget Feeder](
  • Click on the budget you would like to sync your new account to
  • Click on the YNAB Account you would like to sync your new account to
  • Choose your new Bank Account from the drop-down list
  • Click on Save
Transactions from your new account will sync during your next scheduled sync run.
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