How often are transactions synced to my budget?

When you first set up Budget Feeder and connect it to your bank accounts, your transactions are immediately synced to your budget accounts. After that, transactions are synced once per day.

My transactions have not synced all weekend

Banks do not generally process or clear transactions on weekends or public holidays. Budget feeder is unable to sync transactions until they have cleared. For this reason, we often find that transactions made over the weekend are not synced until the following Monday or Tuesday.

Can my transactions be synced sooner?

EFTPOS transactions clear and are synced more quickly than credit, or even visa debit transactions. If you are able to use EFTPOS your transactions will sync sooner. To make this more convenient, you can even select EFTPOS savings as the default account for Apple or Google pay on your phone.

Why can't I sync manually, or more than once per day?

The Bank Feeds that make transaction syncing possible in Australia are currently powered by Direct Access to online banking portals. In order to have a low impact on these online banking portals, we are restricted by our provider to a single sync per day.

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