An error occurred with one of my sync runs, what should I do?

When Budget Feeder tries to sync your transactions, from time to time an error may occur that prevents transaction syncing from taking place. This is normal, and can occur for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Your banking details have changed
  • Your bank's online portal is temporarily down for maintenance
  • The YNAB API is temporarily down for maintenance
  • Your YNAB subscription has lapsed
In the case of a temporary error, Budget Feeder automatically tries to sync your transactions again. Next time the system is successfully able to sync, it catches up on any missed transactions.
Sometimes, you will need to reconnect your bank within Budget Feeder to re-establish the bank connection and allow the system to resume syncing. When this happens, Budget Feeder will send you an email letting you know. As soon as your reconnect your bank, all missed transactions will be automatically synced.
When syncing resumes after a sync run error, Budget Feeder always "catches up" on any transactions that may have been missed. You don't need to worry about missed transactions.
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